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truly affordable workforce Housing everyone deserves to have a home

truly affordable workforce Housing everyone deserves to have a home

truly affordable workforce Housing everyone deserves to have a hometruly affordable workforce Housing everyone deserves to have a home

What a SUNSHINE Cottage Home KIT™ Will Do For You:

*Provide TRULY affordable, NEW "Workforce Housing" that minimum wage earners CAN truly afford.

*Enable you to greatly LOWER your MONTHLY mortgage - rent payments, energy bills & pay off ALL debt.

*Enable you to significantly LOWER your Co2 carbon foot print creating a HEALTHIER planet for ALL.


introducing: the deluxe sunshine cottage home kit™

*SUNSHINE Cottage Home KIT™ is the modern, upgraded version of the early 1900's "Sears kit home".

*Includes 100% all building materials, fixtures, appliances,  flooring, counter tops, kitchen sink AND the front door welcome home mat.

*Engineered to IBC, IRC, CBC national building standards.

*Includes detailed blue prints.


Forward Thinking, Innovative, Efficiently Engineered Homes:

For the 21st century and beyond

SUNSHINE Cottage Home KIT™ Are Delivered & Built Fast:



*2020 SUNSHINE Cottage Home KIT™ Prices Starting At $34,188.

*Our KIT™ homes are not shell homes. They include 100% everything you will need to complete. (not included / land, excavation, site development, labor, foundation, city permits.

Add more living space as needs and budgets grow over time:

Two-bedroom / one full-bathroom addition:


Model C2-468 sf:


LOWER Home Price = LOWER Down Payment = Move In Sooner:

Co-Purchase / Cohabit a new home = move in much sooner:

Co Purchase A New Home (pdf)


SUNSHINE Cottage Home KIT™ Are Delivered To Any Build Site In North America With 99.8% Accuracy:

*You, our cherished customer receive a high quality, very cool home, built on a permanent, cement foundation, designed to last 100-years, at always the lowest possible price.

SUNSHINE Cottage Home KIT™ is the Right / Smarter Choice:


Smaller Homes = Smaller Carbon Foot Print = Healthier Planet:

*Help save our planet earth for your children, grand children and future unborn generations to come.

*Dangerously hot days in Oregon expected to skyrocket including rest of country if carbon / Co2 emissions aren't curbed. 

Homes Have Gotten Bigger, Families Smaller:

*Living space per person has nearly doubled with average home size 2,687 sf. 

*Average U.S. household produces 7.5 tons Co2 per year.

*Typical passenger vehicle produces 4.6 tons Co2 per year.

*Current home building model is un-sustainable. Heating and cooling a home represents the largest portion of Co2 emissions emitted, that exceed the Co2 emitted from the actual materials used in the construction.

SUNSHINE Cottage Home KIT™ Generates Many Jobs In Many Cities:


*Deliver Sustainable, Truly Affordable Homes To The World Faster For Less: 

Promotion Income Opportunity:

Income Opportunity Details (pdf)


What a SUNSHINE Cottage Home KIT ™ Will Mean to Your Family:

*Send a child to college, take more vacations, get ANOTHER job, RETIRE NOW.

*Own MULTIPLE SUNSHINE Cottage Homes™ for the price of #1 of today's over built, OVER PRICED homes.

*Go from two working parents to ONE & save THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS in child day care expenses.

*Buy MORE food, BETTER food, new wardrobes, afford BETTER prescriptions, medical & dental insurance.

Minimum Wage Worker Can't Afford 2-Bed Apt Anywhere In U.S.


SUNSHINE Cottage HOME KIT™ VS. Traditional Home Builders:

SUNSHINE Cottage Home KIT™:

*Faster assembly / 30-90 days.

*Socially responsible.

*Environmentally responsible.

*KIT Prices $34,188 - $49,811

*We sell at min profit & below market valuations.

*You keep 100% market appraised home equity at move in.

*Interior toxins absorbing paint.

*Lower insurance rates.

*Lower energy consumption.

*TESLA complete solar system option.

*Built to exceed "sustainable" standards.

*Option to start small & grow living space over time.

*Smarter design, efficient use of space & materials.

*​Smart home" phone apps.

*LOWER mortgage payments = MORE cash to spend each month.

*$15 per hour wage earners CAN TRULY AFFORD.

Traditional Home Builders:

*Slower assembly / 120-240 + days.

*Not socially responsible.

*Not environmentally responsible.

*Average U.S. home price with land Q3 2019 - $382,300

*They sell at max profit at max market valuations.

*You keep 0% market appraised equity at move in.

*No interior toxins absorbing paint.

*Higher insurance rates.

*Higher energy consumption.

*No solar system option.

*Not built to exceed "sustainable" standards.

*No option to start small & grow living space over time.

*Wasteful design, inefficient use of space & materials.

*​Not Smart Home enabled.

*HIGHER mortgage payments = LESS cash to spend each month.

*$15 per hour wage earners CANNOT AFFORD.


*February 10, 2020 Seattle looking at allowing far more tiny house villages.

*February 7, 2020 The great affordability crises breaking America.

*U.S. Housing crises makes its way to heartland.

*U.S. House and Senate leaders reached a final deal to fund affordable housing and community development programs at HUD and USDA.

*CA Governor signs new bill allowing 2-ADU per residential property.

*Affordable housing takes center stage in 2020 Presidential campaign.

*Oregon just voted to legalize the building of multiple smaller homes for all areas zoned for residential single home use, first law of its kind in the United States or Canada.

*Seattle says yes to back yard cottages / ADU. 

*Minneapolis voted to end single family zoning.

*The coming silver tsunami. Our aging population will need smaller affordable homes.

*Central Oregon News.

*Housing crises spreads world-wide.

*California Gov. Gavin Newsom new budget proposes $7.7B to address housing and Homelessness crises.

*Typhus Epidemic Worsens in downtown Los Angeles homeless camps.


*Micro housing taking root nation wide.

*VERY important Lessons learned from building smaller.  

100% American Made In The U.S.A.


Creating jobs for Americans 1st.

We happily donate 10% of our net profits to helping our hungry and homeless neighbors.

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*A Delaware (C) Corporation*

*A triple bottom line company*

*We deliver world-wide*

*We are seeking partnerships with City, State, Federal government & Non Profits for the development of SUNSHINE Cottage Home™ Communities for our homeless neighbors* 

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