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Benefits & Applications:

More Benefits To Consider:

*Option 1: Hire our vetted, recommended Licensed GC / general contractor to build your ADU or Starter Home at 40% reduced GC fees, or you can hire your own preferred GC.

*Option 2: SAVE EVEN MORE MONEY on LABOR. You build the ADU or Starter Home your-self (DIY) . . . "Teach a man to fish"

*Construction & mortgage financing referrals available upon request.

*SUNSHINE Cottage Home KIT homes are sourced through and delivered directly to your building site by any one of the closest U.S. based 2,500 home improvement centers.

*Your building site can be prepared concurrently in advance of your SUNSHINE Cottage Home KIT™ delivery saving you even more time.   

*We don't provide land or foundation materials in our pricing.

*No architect to locate, interview, hire & design home. No engineer to locate, interview, hire & certify home plans. 

*Certified stamped pre-engineered to IBC / IRC / CBC building codes.

*You SAVE months & thousands of hours, countless headaches and dollars not having to go through the labor intensive process of designing and engineering a home, selecting hundreds of parts SKUS, materials, colors, fixtures & appliances, receiving & deciding on multiple quotes from multiple suppliers, designers & general contractors.  

We have taken care of all of this for you.

Build Your New Home With Income Producing ADU On Same Lot:

Increase your net worth & monthly cash flow / Model A-600 utilized as main house.


Increase your property value & build a stronger retirement / Model B-468 utilized as ADU.


*Three Floor Plans / Four Market Applications:

*1) ADU - urban infill. 2) Starter Home - single lot. 3) SUNSHINE Cottage Home Community™ 7-unique, individually different model home themes to choose from . 4) SUNSHINE Cottage Home Community™ - twenty homes per one acre exclusively for our homeless neighbors, built outside the NIMBY roadblock. (Site plan concept coming soon).

*We are able to ship our SUNSHINE Cottage Home KIT™ to more people, in more markets faster than anyone, at the lowest prices*

*All SUNSHINE Cottage Home KITS™ are thoughtfully engineered with cross over multiple market applications, which greatly benefits our Developer, GC, sub contractor partners, customers and the communities in which they all live.

*We employ an efficiently designed and sustainable home, that is truly affordable that can be delivered fast to multiple build sites simultaneously located throughout North America. 

*In addition, our homes are much easier to build too, all because predictable redundancy and "mussel memory" are engineered, engaged into each phase of the order, delivery, building and permitting process. 

*All SUNSHINE Cottage Home KITS™ also incorporate an attractive and modern "cookie cutter" floor plan design that helps to produce a hyper efficient and dependable national delivery system. (just like the Henry Ford Model T assembly line / One delivered every 90-seconds or the McDonald's original 15-cent hamburger assembly line / one delivered every 30-seconds.

*Both of these ICONIC successful business models helped to inspire our vision.

*NEW: 13-custom options available to make each SUNSHINE Cottage Home™ Uniquely yours. See kit details.

"think different":

*Our unique business model operates as a whole-seller and customer direct retailer of pre-engineered SUNSHINE Cottage Home KIT™. We bring our homes to market a number of ways. First, via license agreements with select and vetted, reputable GC / general contractors and Developers. 

*The licensed GC or Developer would build our single family cottage homes as an ADU or on a single lot as a stand alone home, or build multiple family cottage homes within a SUNSHINE Cottage Home Community™. The GC and Developer is provided protected territory to sell directly to the end user whom is guaranteed by our company pre-determined low home prices for a give market. 

*In addition, the end user, customer also has the option to order directly from us and build their SUNSHINE Cottage Home KIT™ themselves or hire their own local GC to build it form them. 

*We sell our SUNSHINE Cottage Home KIT™ in thousands of communities throughout Mexico, U.S. & Canada. 

*We can deliver THOUSANDS of SUNSHINE Cottage Home KITS™ per month*

*We can generate THOUSANDS OF JOBS in hundreds of communities*

*We can deliver NEW homes at the LOWEST prices FASTER than ANYONE !*