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truly affordable workforce Housing everyone deserves to have a home




*SUNSHINE Cottage Home KIT™ offers a viable, alternative concept in user, earth friendly homes . . .

that are innovative, sustainable, easy to build, fast to deliver & truly affordable; especially for lower wage earners whom have been priced out of the dream.

*We utilize superior building methods with smarter highly efficient floor plans that can be . . .

delivered to thousands of people in need within days of their order.

*Conventional onsite built homes are grossly expensive in terms of dollars, social and . . .

environmental cost, & suffer from an inefficient and wasteful use of capital, materials, time and space.

*Modular manufacturing in some ways are an improvement over onsite built homes, however . . .

they still suffer from the same constraints of high prices, large fixed overheads & production bottlenecks that also plague on site built homes & which prevents both of these housing models from scaling at truly affordable prices.

*Rent for an average U.S. apartment home will require an annual income between $38,000 and . . .

$75,000 or $18 - $36 an hour wage. (utilities not included).

*The average purchase price of a U.S. home requires an annual income of $87,912. factoring . . .

5% down results in estimated $2,322 per month mortgage payments. (utilities not included). 

*Americans have very little cash to spend at the end of each month. 

*Home security / homes people can truly afford provides peace of mind and hope.

*Food security / 1 in 5 children are hungry.  Families will have more money for food.

*Is there a smarter, faster way to build a smaller home that cost less, and that is also better for our beautiful and only home planet earth? . . . 

Yes! you bet there is. 

Living a life within one’s means allows a sense of ease that supports mind, body, & spirit, all necessary for a joyous life.